Terms And Conditions


We guarantee NOTHING shipped with USPS International shipping. If you choose USPS International shipping, we take absolutely NO responsibility for your package and we will NOT replace it. Period. You are completely responsible for lost or stolen packages.

The USPS does not track shipments once they leave the final US sorting station. So once your package is in the hands of YOUR country's postal service, the USPS Tracking Number stays where the USPS last had the package - in the US.

To guarantee international shipping, please choose FedEx International 3-5 Day Express. Your package will arrive in 1 to 3 days and is fully track-able, every step of the way, from our door to yours.

Fed Ex will NOT deliver to P.O. Boxes.

If you are looking for a shipping method that does not show up when you checkout, it is not available for your location.

  • We will accept a return or exchange of your NON-CUSTOMIZED Portenzo case as long as you contact us within 30 days of receiving it, and send it back to us within a week in sell-able condition. If you aren't completely satisfied with your handmade Portenzo case, send it back to us within this time period for a refund of your purchase price, less shipping and a small restocking fee (see below). You must contact Portenzo customer service here before sending your case for return or exchange. Cases that arrive at Portenzo with no RMA will not be processed.
  • Cases with Personal Embossing, Custom Laser Engraving, Custom Printing, or customized in any way, are not refundable or exchangeable, be sure to check your order closely when checking out, we do not accept responsibility for cases that are ordered for the wrong device, but are still covered under our Standard Warranty.
  • Any items from the Classic Bookcase collection (where you chose your own color combinations) and the Rex Ray series will be subject to a 30% restocking fee for both Returns and Exchanges.
  • Any items from the Alano, ArmorGrip, or Moleskine™ collections that have standard options will have a 15% restocking fee for both Returns and Exchanges.
  • Your order is subjected to this charge / these policies once the actual production of your custom designed product has begun. This is indicated by the status of your order changing from Awaiting Fulfillment to Awaiting Shipment.This can happen anywhere as soon as the next business day, or sometimes a couple of days later. Email us as soon as you get the inkling to possibly maybe change your product even in the slightest way, and we will see what we can do.
  • Many times we can alter your order in-house, but your safest bet is to be sure that you are sure that you really want those great color combinations that you have chosen. You will still be subject to the restocking fees if you do not like the color combinations, or "thought you chose something different."
  • We are happy to address any Fit or Function issues for 90 days after your case arrives at your doorstep at the discretion of Portenzo.

    The following instances are a major bummer, but not covered under the Portenzo Fit and Function warranty:

    • When cases fall to their demise after being left on top of your car, knocked off the shelf by your cat, or sat on by your toddler
    • Dogs that think your case is a new chew toy
    • Over-zealous beers that tip over and spill onto your case
    • Cases that leap out of your pocket and spend the evening outside in a snowstorm
    • Cases are left in the refrigerator or a cold car, or next to the fireplace, or in a steamy sauna
    • Normal wear and misuse of the product
    • Alterations made to the product make it yours forever
    • Product that you receive in a mystery box
    • If the problem is something that we had control over and you bring it to our attention within the warranty period, we will gladly make it 100% right.