About Us

Rebels, dreamers, misfits, thugs and princesses...

At Portenzo, we are a team of creatives and wackos who take immense pride in our handmade glory. We live for the feeling of the complete individuality you feel when you get your hands on one of our amazing pieces. 

We started Portenzo in my basement with a few hand tools and a burning desire to stand apart. We set out to make the ordinary into the outstanding & make unique pieces that anyone would be proud to call their own.

The hands that make each of our unique products

Lucy is a Virgo. She is an avid collector of tennis balls. She likes running, mud puddles, and deep contemplation. Entry to the shop is ONLY granted upon her inspection and approval. Bribes are accepted.
Darin likes to make stuff... and use equipment for everything *but* it's intended use.
Sarah (with an "H")
With Sarah, all things are possible. A synthetic copy of her DNA is used in prescription anti-anxiety medications.
A Tennessee transplant, Heather was lured to us with the promise of gluing many different things to many other things. She spends her free time making chili and defending her incorrect use of the word "toboggan."
Jimmy is an elusive creature, rarely seen in the wild. He enjoys fine wines and recycling. He is a direct descendant of Oscar Diggs.
Kevin "doesn't like filters on his mouth or his trucks."*
Raymond occupies a cave in the back of the office, slaving away by only the glow of the monitor. A true survivalist, he subsists only on what he can forage from his car.
Doug enjoys the finer things in life, including single malt scotch, caviar, and all the successful Saint Louis sports franchises. He is pursuing a side career as a DJ.
Hope was born on the bayou and previously enjoyed a career in fur trapping up and down the Mighty Mississippi. Her portrait work has been featured in the WCA Handbook and on the refrigerator. She wears a lot of hats. No, really... she's a hat person.
A silent force, Mary makes thousands of cases every day, mostly through the use of spells. In her previous life, she was a Russian ballerina, probably. She is frequently asked to retrieve items from the top shelf.
Ben loves rascally puppies and even more rascally women. He toils away in front of the CNC, secretly milling a miniature army to do his work, evil bidding, and eventually... corporate takeover!